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Arrivals & Departures

Sailors, please familiarise yourself with the approach and arrival procedures prior to your arrival. Key contacts and their details are provided at the bottom of this page.




Please Contact us for more information.

035 788 0459

Port Health: 035 789 5581 / 083 301 3341

On Approach


All yachts entering or leaving port must request permission from Richards Bay Port Control on VHF Ch. 69/12 using the call sign “Richards Bay Port Control”. Request permission to enter Harbour and state your intention of entering the Small Craft Harbour.


Yachts are required to fly a yellow Q (Quarantine) flag from a clearly visible high point in the rigging of a sailing vessel or on the bridge of a motor yacht. 

All movements in the Harbour must be pre-announced to Port Control, who will review all maritime activity in the harbour and then give permission or defer permission to proceed. 



Yachts must proceed to the Small Craft Harbour (International Berth) for Port Health, Immigrations, Security and Customs Clearance.


All people on board – whether crew or passengers – must stay on board until all entry procedures have been completed.


Check-in for mooring at the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront Marina takes place at the office which can be found in the Quay Walk Building, second floor, suite 16, Tuzi Gazi Waterfront Centre.


Prior to your date of departure, please collect your Flight Plan from the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront office. The Flight Plan will be released only after full settlement of all invoices.


The Flight Plan will then be submitted to Port Control by the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront office.


The Flight Plan is valid for 36 hours after submission.


On check out, all crew and passengers must report in person to Customs and Immigration.


All boats exiting the Small Craft Harbour must sign-out / radio call out to Port Control on Ch. 69/12 before leaving the International Quayside or the Tuzi Gazi moorings. Boats must confirm with Port Control that they have received the Flight Plan.


These Regulations may be suspended, varied or withdrawn at any time by the Harbour Master.

Key Contacts

Port Control

Tel Numbers :  (035) 7808018, (035) 7531991

Transnet Emergency Control (035) 9053401/3444/4111

Address: Port of Richards Bay

Port Health

Telephone: +27 (0) 35 789 5581, +27 (0) 83 301 3341

Address: 1 Aloe Loop, Veldenvlei, Richards Bay


Immigrations Office  
Telephone: +27 (0) 35 780 8018/19, +27 (0) 82 809 5783, +27 (0) 82 940 0899
Address: Tawny Trace, 2 Krugerrand Grove, Richards Bay (CBD), 3900 
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 06:00–22:00


Customs Office (South African Revenue Services)

Telephone: +27 (0) 80 000 7277, +27 (0) 82 461 7046, +27 (0) 82 411 5728

Fax: +27 (0) 35 789 6909/5969

Address: 103 Dollar Drive, Richards Bay (CBD)

Opening Hours:  Monday to Sunday, 06:00–18:00

South African Police Services (SAPS) – Sea Border Policing
Telephone: +27 (0) 35 788 9800, +27 (0) 35 788 0410

Address: Suite 28, 2nd Floor, Quay Walk Building, Tuzi Gazi Waterfront

Opening Hours: 24/7

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